Where To Invest In Social Media Video Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2008, just 10% of Americans had a social media profile, according to the statistics portal, Statista. A decade later, that number has spiked to 77%.

As fast as the numbers have changed, so have the overall big players. MySpace, for example, passed Google in 2006 to become the most popular site on the Internet. Where is it now?

But you’re interested in the here and now. Let’s keep this simple. Facebook is like the United States. It’s dominant, loud and a melting pot of special interests. But is it a good place for companies to invest in social media video marketing? Consider that social media ad spending is projected to climb over $18 billion this year, and Facebook has an 84% slice of the pie, says Sprout Social.

As big as it is, Facebook is not the ideal platform for all marketers. As the number of social networking sites have morphed and established their niche audience, this segmentation has made it easier to identify where your audience hangs out and create a video to reach them there. View the infographic below to see a breakdown of the social channel demographics and video preferences:

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