Taylor Bank takes home a SIA Silver Summit Creative Award for its Tally Digital Banking Campaign


We are proud and honored to be the recipient of a Silver Award from The Summit International Awards (SIA)! SIA are International creative, marketing and advertising awards honoring the best of web, design, video, advertising, interactive, mobile and social marketing from creative agencies worldwide. The winning Tally by

Cape Ann Savings Bank Television Campaign takes home a SIA Silver Summit Creative Award


We are proud and honored to be the recipient of a Silver Award from The Summit International Awards (SIA)! SIA are International creative, marketing and advertising awards honoring the best of web, design, video, advertising, interactive, mobile and social marketing from creative agencies worldwide. The winning Cape Ann

Winning Bank Merger Strategies Part 2: Employee Buy-in


Effective communications to both your employees and your customers are vital to success, but knowing where to begin when developing a strategy is not always clear-cut. Aligning your staffWhat good is a merger strategy if your employees aren’t on board? Mergers can result in employee turnover if not

Winning Bank Merger Strategies


Part 1: Engage Customers Having a strong merger communication strategy is critical to the bank’s customer experience throughout the transition. Communicating effectively with your customers before, during and after a merger is critical to a bank's success. The following offers tips for making sure your current customers will

For merged banks, Stackpole Brand Workshops yield distinctive new identity


In 2022, Norwood Bank and Foxboro Federal Savings merged and decided to adopt a new brand identity. Both have been strong, neighboring community banks for well over a century. The new brand needed to reflect this local history and focus, while also pointing the way forward to a

D.E.I. for Financial Institutions: Making an Impact


“D.E.I.” Did you just get anxious and overwhelmed? You should have. If your organization hasn’t been able to tackle these three letters in a way that feels like progress, anxiety may very well be your gut response. So how do you go from feeling ineffective and hesitant, to

Dos and Don’ts: Building a Social Media Strategy


Did you know that between Facebook and Snapchat alone there are 16 billion video views every day? How on earth do you make your brand stand out in this infinite ocean of messaging? By providing value, that’s how.Aside from using hard analytics to measure, there’s no better way

Massachusetts Banks Partner to Launch Innovative Financial Literacy Website for High School Students


Eight local banks who have long supported financial literacy in Massachusetts public schools have formed a partnership to bring a popular event virtually to students this spring.  High school students throughout Massachusetts can participate in the Credit for Life Fair this spring via a responsive website, creditforlife.org, currently

Is Your Bank Brand Still Relevant Post-Pandemic?


There’s no question that the rapid adoption of digital banking has been fueled by the absolute necessity for customers to bank from home through the pandemic, thus creating the most disruptive era the industry has seen in a long, long time. As we return to normalcy, people’s banking

How Do You Set a Bank Marketing Budget?


Objectively Speaking, Rethink the Formula If there’s anything a bank marketing professional can say with absolute certainty these days, it’s that nothing is certain. Quite simply, the tried and true rules of the past don’t apply anymore. In this transformative age, the rules have changed. That’s certainly true

Geofencing and Location-Based Marketing


People are talking about geofencing, and the applications and opportunities are pretty far-reaching, across a number of industries. A quick definition before we jump in: Geofencing involves the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a

A Winning Trifecta of Targeted TV Spots


Stackpole recently conceptualized, scripted, produced and directed a series of 30-second television spots depicting a diverse cross-section of Cape Ann Savings Bank customers as they went about their day amongst the iconic beauty of well-known Cape Ann locations. The common thread weaving all three spots together was the

10 Things to Consider While Implementing Marketing Automation


Stackpole & Partners is a privately-owned integrated marketing and branding agency servicing a wide variety of businesses for the past 25 years. We combine strategic discipline, creative talent, and actionable initiatives to build leading brands that drive growth for our customers. Our expertise

Seven Proven Steps for Digital Campaign Success


The world of digital marketing is complex and ever-changing, with new and interesting channels seemingly around every turn. It’s easy to get excited about your digital campaigns, but for many organizations, it’s understandably also easy to get lost in the confusion this environment can create. If your digital

Social Media for Banks and Credit Unions


Three Important Considerations It used to be that many in banking considered social media a waste of time. But times have changed, and more and more banks have come to the conclusion that social media is indeed not a waste of time, but rather an imperative. They’ve grasped

McLane Middleton Recruitment Video


Stackpole Video Recruits for Respected Law Firm Many law firms are finding it a challenge to recruit and retain millennial attorneys, and most realize they need to figure it out in a hurry. Recent studies show that by 2020 half the workforce in the US will consist of

Voice-Activated Search & SEO


It wasn’t all that long ago that people speaking into devices to tell machines what to do was the stuff of science fiction (who can forget Captain Kirk speaking to his ship’s computer on Star Trek?). When it became reality, speech recognition technology quickly changed much in our

Proof that Geography Doesn’t Matter When Choosing a Marketing Agency


There are a lot of really important considerations for a company looking to partner with an advertising or marketing agency, and there’s no shortage of lists available online offering guidance. Of course, much of what goes into choosing an agency depends on the specific requirements of an organization,

Account-Based Marketing: Eliminates Waste and Streamlines the Funnel


Some decades back in automobile manufacturing, the Toyota Production, or Lean Manufacturing Methodology as it has become more commonly known, radically changed the car-making industry. Account Based Marketing (ABM) looks to achieve some of the same benefits, and helps to improve marketing and sales efficiency while reducing wasted

Stackpole Takes First Place at LMA Awards


Stackpole is excited to announce that the agency has won First Place in the “Communications: Brand Enhancement” category at this year’s LMA (Legal Marketing Association) Your Honor Awards. Agency president and founder Pete Stackpole was given the award representing work performed for the Hawai‘i-based law firm, Goodsill. “What a thrill