Ledyard Bank launches video marketing awareness campaign to strengthen their appeal among  younger consumers.

Like all community banks are experiencing, Ledyard’s customer base is aging, and younger consumers continue to eschew smaller bank offerings for the larger, national banks believed to offer convenience through ubiquity and a perceived advantage in online and mobile banking tools.

However, unlike other community banks, Ledyard enjoys a unique market position in its New Hampshire and Vermont markets. It is one of the only community banks that offers every type of financial service under one roof — Retail and Commercial Banking, Digital Banking, Financial Advice, Private Banking, and Wealth Management services.

But how does Stackpole make that attractive to younger prospects?

With the help of a Stackpole Brand Workshop and customer and qualitative prospect research, we learned that what makes Ledyard unique is its commitment to helping each customer bank healthier by focusing on their financial well-being and taking an active role in making sure their money is working hard to keep up with their lives now and in the future.  From its team of wealth management strategists and portfolio managers to online and mobile banking and PFM tools to the passionate and knowledgeable staff in its branches, Ledyard is built to help its customers address their specific goals and needs. And they deliver this in a way as if they were helping their friends and neighbors because they are.

Ledyard Bank. Advisors. Partners. Neighbors.

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