Is It Media Ninja Or Media Rockstar?


When talking about Erin Bilenchi, it’s easy to get the two confused. This is what happens when you harness 10 years of big-agency experience and unleash it on the unsuspecting media channels that Erin optimizes for our clients every single day. Researching, planning, and buying are the tools

Have You Met Michelle Yet?


If it’s digital, then Michelle has likely strategized it, conceptualized it, tested it and perfected it. It’s what she does. And she does it really, really, really well. Really. They don’t say “Digital Runs on Duncan” for nothing, right? (Come on, we couldn’t resist.) She’s also a bit

It’s Ollie’s world and we’re all just living in it.


Which makes perfect sense, since that’s the true mark of a great project manager. She sets the schedules, builds the estimates, keeps us on task along the way, and kicks it into high gear whenever possible. And she somehow does it all with a wry smile every step

Meet Peter Winch


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