D.E.I. for Financial Institutions: Making an Impact


“D.E.I.” Did you just get anxious and overwhelmed? You should have. If your organization hasn’t been able to tackle these three letters in a way that feels like progress, anxiety may very well be your gut response. So how do you go from feeling ineffective and hesitant, to

What Apple’s Ad Tracking Update Means to Digital Marketers


Apple recently announced updates to their data tracking that cement the trend towards restricting consumer data access. While users are celebrating, advertisers wonder how this trend will impact the efficacy of their digital ad buys in the future. The current rollout applies to tracking within apps, not web-based

How to Get on Board With Social Media Video Strategy


Americans don’t read as much as they used to. The hard data is questionable given that survey respondents tend to exaggerate because they think it makes them look dumb, but it’s a clear trend that will likely never be reversed - unless there’s a prolonged electrical grid blackout.

10 Things to Consider While Implementing Marketing Automation


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