Winning Bank Merger Strategies Part 1: Engage Customers


Having a strong merger communication strategy is critical to the bank’s customer experience throughout the transition. Communicating effectively with your customers before, during and after a merger is critical to a banks success. The following offers tips for making sure your current customers will be your future customers.

Winning Bank Merger Strategies Part 2: Employee Buy-in


Effective communications to both your employees and your customers are vital to success, but knowing where to begin when developing a strategy is not always clear-cut. Aligning your staff What good is a merger strategy if your employees aren’t on board? Mergers can result in employee turnover if

Is Your Bank Brand Still Relevant Post-Pandemic?


There’s no question that the rapid adoption of digital banking has been fueled by the absolute necessity for customers to bank from home through the pandemic, thus creating the most disruptive era the industry has seen in a long, long time. As we return to normalcy, people’s banking