Winning Bank Merger Strategies Part 2: Employee Buy-in


Effective communications to both your employees and your customers are vital to success, but knowing where to begin when developing a strategy is not always clear-cut. Aligning your staff What good is a merger strategy if your employees aren’t on board? Mergers can result in employee turnover if

Successful Bank Mergers Begin With Your Brand


Bank mergers require a sound brand strategy, a common vision, and clear, concise communications. Before you begin creating strategies to communicate with your key stakeholders, there’s one vitally important consideration we can’t stress enough. Your brand. The importance of the brand Before you launch any communications initiatives around

Proof that Geography Doesn’t Matter When Choosing a Marketing Agency


There are a lot of really important considerations for a company looking to partner with an advertising or marketing agency, and there’s no shortage of lists available online offering guidance. Of course, much of what goes into choosing an agency depends on the specific requirements of an organization,