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Ncontracts Brings FI Solutions to Life with Motion Graphics

Launches New Videos for Web

Ncontracts Showcases “The Upside of Risk”

Ncontracts provides enterprise risk management and compliance solutions to banks, mortgage lenders and financial technology companies. Its mission is to continually improve clients’ ability to manage risk and compliance. To do so, it offers an extensive platform of products and services, many of them quite complex. Ncontracts turned to Stackpole to help them articulate the benefits in a simple and entertaining way.

Complex financial offerings, simply explained

To bring these topics to life, we created a series of brief, colorful motion graphic videos to be shown at conferences, online, and elsewhere. One of our core skills is our ability to take complicated subjects and boil them down into quick, persuasive, easily consumable communications. These videos combine solid storytelling with iconic imagery – borrowed from team sports, sailing, and more – to illustrate key ideas and convey the major benefits.

The power of videos with motion graphics

Creating videos with motion graphics is a flexible desktop animation process that does not require extensive production resources. We build lively metaphors into the scripts to help illustrate the key points, then produce the graphics in-house. From there, it’s about creating motion and flow, and adding voiceover, music and effects to deliver the finished piece. We’re in complete control from start to finish.

The Takeaway

The initial assignment was to create one overall video to convey Ncontracts’ diverse capabilities. The response was so positive that they decided to drill down and commission one video for each of its products and services. Upon completion, the campaign will include around a dozen videos – a comprehensive series that Ncontracts can use in many different ways to tell specific product stories to targeted customers and prospects.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600