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Financial Sales Collateral That Keeps Selling Simple

Merchants Fleet Brand Messaging

Tailored Information for Every Kind of Customer

Merchants Fleet provides highly customized fleet management and leasing solutions to a broad range of large businesses, mid-sized companies, governments, educational institutions, and others. After updating its brand messaging, Merchants engaged Stackpole to create a tiered collateral system geared toward prospects with varying levels of industry knowledge and experience.

The best ideas in fleet innovation

For savvy customers with large fleets, the most detailed brochure offers a comprehensive look at Merchants’ key programs and services. It assumes a high level of industry knowledge, and provides a substantial amount of the information prospects need in considering a fleet partner.

The road to smarter vehicle operations start here

For prospects better suited to more general information, a slimmed-down version presents the key messages and positioning in a tighter, quicker format. The text is shorter and the key points are expressed more simply while still providing a solid overview of the Merchants difference.

Why Merchants? It’s Simple.

This is the quickest version of all – one card, front and back. It distills the positioning into even simpler form, and hits the key points at a very high level. It enables prospects who may not have a lot of fleet experience to easily scan the benefits of working with Merchants and take action to learn more.

One value proposition, several ways to express it

This high-impact collateral system allows Merchants to address each potential customer in the most effective way. Whether they need one vehicle or thousands, for a few months or many years, customers know Merchants can deliver on what matters most to their business, with one unified fleet solution.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600