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Multi-Layered Campaign Promoting Business Banking

First Trade Union Bank - Integrated Campaign

First Trade Union Bank (FTUB) is a mid-sized community bank with assets of over $600 million and branch offices that extend from Massachusetts to New York. The bank recently engaged Stackpole to re-engineer its marketing efforts in order to heighten awareness levels and differentiate this innovative, forward-thinking institution from a crowded field of competitors.

Our role

Stackpole was challenged to create a preference for FTUB’s business banking services within its trading area. FTUB is both an aggressive business lender and ideally positioned to be a full-service, business-banking partner. The bank’s core goal was to be perceived as the go-to bank for business owners, with a particular emphasis on the 30-40-year-old small-business owner market segment.

The strategy involved developing a multi-layered campaign. First, Stackpole would craft messages that would build awareness for FTUB and familiarity with its brand promise as it relates to business banking services. Next, the campaign would begin delivering product-specific messages about the bank’s range of business services.

The Takeaway

Prior to starting on this initiative, Stackpole worked closely with FTUB to develop a full expression of its brand identity. FTUB’s value proposition — the area’s most nimble, progressive and innovative bank — greatly appeals to the business audience. Stackpole took this core brand message and wrapped it with confident headlines that clearly targeted this audience, such as, “A successful business starts with a serious plan. But it only runs with a serious bank.” The voice, tone, and look of the ads are 100% consistent with brand standards so that FTUB’s messages are highly recognizable across varied media outlets.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600