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Getting the Message Out and About - Refreshing a Bank Brand

Braintree Cooperative Bank Integrated Marketing Campaign

Braintree Cooperative Bank, a local community bank for over 120 years, feels strongly about what commitment should mean. To Braintree, commitment means serving your community as if each person is your neighbor, giving back to those neighbors, and providing the most valuable products and services available.

After being dark in the local media for several months, and on the heels of creating a new corporate identity, website and brand positioning campaign, Braintree needed to maximize their media exposure by connecting with customers and prospects in new and interesting ways. Being outspent considerably by their local big bank competitors, it was critical that Braintree Cooperative Bank have a dominant voice in their immediate trading area.

An integrated campaign including broadcast, outdoor, transit and in-branch was developed to provide the layering needed to deliver the bank’s new brand image in a high profile way. The goal of this layer of outdoor and transit media is to effectively highlight core products such as checking and commercial loans.

Braintree coop bank_small business

The Takeaway

Against the backdrop of a flight of gutsy :15 television spots focused on generating brand awareness, this concentrated transit flight highlighted Home Town checking and Small Business banking. Each creative unit used elements of the bank’s new logo and pulled from the new color palette incorporating fresh accent colors. This additional layer to the campaign worked at increasing familiarity with specific products and services.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600