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Merchants Fleet Branding Combines Sophistication and Innovation

Merchants Fleet Management Integrated Brand Campaign

As an extension of its strategy to cultivate upmarket growth, Merchants Fleet Management sought to reposition its brand messaging and core value proposition to appeal to a sophisticated national audience of corporate fleet decision-makers.Merchant’s high-touch culture of doing whatever is necessary to customize a fleet solution needed to be conveyed in a manner that emphasized innovation and flexibility, while striking a notable contrast with larger—and often more staid and complacent–competitors. A sense of vibrancy and passion needed to be conveyed.

Stackpole Urges Merchants to “Go Further”

We communicated Merchant’s key differentiators through a campaign entitled “Go Further,” which positioned the company as a nimble innovator, constantly striving to meet—and exceed—customers’ expectations through creative and flexible fleet management products that larger, more established brands couldn’t possibly match.

A Responsive Website to Showcase a Responsive Business

Stackpole designed the Merchants website as the centerpiece of the campaign and to support the “Go Further” positioning. We built the site utilizing responsive design, ensuring it delivered an optimal user experience across the desktop, tablets and mobile devices, which are fast becoming the preferred on-ramp for fleet managers.

Building Brand Awareness Nationally

A national brand awareness campaign, strategically utilizing print and digital outlets, was deployed to attract new prospects and raise awareness of Merchants while separating them from their competitive set of larger, more established brands like Enterprise, Hertz/Donlen, and GE Capital.
Pairing the “Go Further” headline with visually striking images vividly depicting an adventurous, can-do spirit, helped illustrate Merchant’s commitment to rising above challenges and going beyond expectations to meet its customers’ needs.

Generating Leads Through Targeted Channels

In support of these strategic communications efforts, we organically integrated specially-tailored digital editorial content via various media channels with the goal of educating fleet management prospects and customers while promoting Merchants’ thought leadership position.


The Takeaway

By partnering with Stackpole, Merchants demonstrated their commitment to burnishing a firmly established reputation and legacy by pairing a proven business strategy with a commitment to innovative, engaging and inspiring marketing outreach and communications. The campaign’s positioning caught the eye of Ford Motor Company, which would go to negotiate with Merchants for the licensing rights to use “Go Further” as its global brand promise.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600