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Introducing the ‘New Face of Fleet’ - Rebranding

Merchants Fleet New Brand Launch

Branding – Articulating and Positioning the ‘New Face of Fleet’

With a new CEO at the helm and an aggressive growth strategy in place, Merchants Fleet sought to align all its divisions under one master brand to expand upon the company’s ability to deliver the broadest range of fleet solutions, across a wide range of business segments. The result was a thoughtful and engaging invitation.

The Logic Behind the Logo

Stackpole conceptualized and designed a new Merchants Fleet logo to communicate a culture of innovation—and an enduring commitment to customer service—that has driven the company for over 50 years. Minimalistic and sophisticated, yet highly approachable, the new logo more accurately reflects Merchants’ newly asserted position in the industry as the single-source FMC for all of their customers’ fleet management and mobility needs.

Moving “Outside The Box”

The new Merchants Fleet logo was specifically designed to reflect the company’s commitment to flexible customer service and innovative fleet solutions. It also serves as an inspiring reminder for all Merchants team members to always seek “outside the box” solutions to the complex challenges their customers face. At the same time, the design treatment of the new logo also communicates that Merchants does not put its customers “in a box” in terms of the solutions the company offers. Merchants is innovative and nimble enough to customize solutions to meet their clients’ individual needs.

The Slow Reveal

Among the strategic moves that Stackpole engineered was an engaging print campaign that incrementally revealed Merchants Fleet’s new logo. A teaser ad, featuring the debut of the new logo, kicked off a print campaign that rolled out over a 3-month period. Each advertisement, built upon the previous one and communicated greater detail about the company and its innovative “outside the box” thinking.
Key to this campaign was the creation of a custom, cover wrap, faux cover for “Automotive Fleet” magazine, portraying Merchants Fleet as that issue’s cover story. With a monthly circulation exceeding 20,000, a faux cover (and accompanying inside cover ad) “Automotive Fleet” served as the perfect Trojan Horse by which to invite readers to “Meet The New Face of Fleet”. Subsequent months featured a stylized, four-color ad depicting a box, torn asunder, illustrating Merchant Fleet’s position as an industry disruptor.

The Takeaway

By partnering with Stackpole, Merchants demonstrated their commitment to burnishing a firmly established reputation and legacy by pairing a proven business strategy with a commitment to innovative, engaging and inspiring marketing outreach and communications.

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112 Parker Street
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