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Getting “Inside the Box” with Business Banking

Norwood Bank Product Design & Promotion

A strong push into business relationship banking

Norwood Bank is a single-branch community bank in Eastern Massachusetts. Well- known for its personal banking services, the bank has never positioned itself specifically as a business bank or put significant marketing support behind its business banking services. They enlisted Stackpole to help change perceptions and position them as a solid partner for local businesses.

Our role

A tangible commitment to business owners

The bank knew it could not outspend or outshout its larger rivals. So we set out to create a tangible business banking product that could be displayed in the branch and promoted aggressively online. The product needed to instantly convey the bank’s commitment to small business owners, and have a distinctive visual appeal to grab their attention.

Our solution: the Beyond Business Banking On-the-Go Power Pack

The On-the-Go Power Pack offers a collection of tech tools curated for today’s business owners. It includes a Square credit card payment reader plug-in; a wallet tracking device for phones and keys; and a mobile charger to ensure devices never run out of power. It was introduced in an “unboxing” video that helped build campaign excitement and energy.

A unique toolbox of tech

Running a business is filled with complex challenges. Whether with digital banking products, cash management services, or this unique collection of tech tools, the message is clear: Norwood Bank is here to keep its commercial customers well equipped for whatever lies ahead.

A great choice for business and beyond

As part of Norwood’s larger Beyond Business Banking initiative, the On-the-go Power Pack is a fun and practical way to highlight the bank’s commitment to its business customers. And it clearly communicates the idea that the bank truly understands their needs and is here to provide whatever they need to grow and manage their businesses.

On The Go Box - Norwood

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600