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Empowering Bank Employees to Work Better Together

Webster Five Internal Marketing Campaign

Making employees’ work lives easier

Webster Five is a leading community bank in central Massachusetts, with a reputation for outstanding personal service, community support and fiscal strength. The bank built a new internal platform called Hive to improve communication, efficiency and transparency among colleagues. Stackpole branded the new platform and provided design services, marketing materials and support to create excitement and maximize usage.

“Have you heard the buzz?”

Step one was to provide a comprehensive set of recommendations for before, during and after the launch. The pre-launch period was all about building curiosity and interest.

A bright, hard-to-miss poster appeared in prominent places across the company, announcing that Hive was coming soon as a new way to connect, collaborate and share.
It introduced the campaign look, logo and iconography we designed, which extended across all marketing materials to the platform itself.

Reasons to take action

At launch, the key task was to get employees to try the platform and simply start clicking around. An email communication headlined “First Five in Hive” laid out a series of steps for employees to take upon logging in for the first time. This helped them understand how the platform works and become instantly familiar with the main features and benefits.

Keep them coming back

With Hive established, attention turned to making sure employees continue using it on a daily basis. To keep the primary benefits top of mind, a card with a series of simple bullet points was given to each employee. It also encouraged them to try some of the useful secondary features that may not be immediately apparent.

The increasing importance of strong internal platforms

The unprecedented events of 2020 have highlighted the importance of internal platforms that connect employees and enable them do their work wherever they happen to be. Hive has played an essential role in keeping Webster Five employees engaged with each other, informed of the latest company news, and working productively to meet the needs of the bank and its customers.

WEB5 Mockup Hive Assets

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600