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Virtual Banking Visualized

First Trade Union Bank Integrated Marketing Campaign

First Trade Union Bank (FTUB) is a mid-sized community bank with assets of over $600 million and branch offices that extend from Massachusetts to New York. Recently, the bank engaged Stackpole to develop a new brand image that better reflects FTUB’s commitment to technological innovation and their position as a leader in the virtual banking space.

Our role

We needed to demonstrate how unique FTUB’s virtual banking options really are, to a market that doesn’t generally expect big differences between banks. FTUB has made the investment necessary to be ahead of the technology curve and needed a communications program that would stand out, be convincing and compel prospects to learn more.

The strategy was first, to hit hard on the fact that with FTUB, customers have a truly unique banking option. Next, we developed an engagement strategy that utilized a mix of new and traditional media to reach our Gen Y target audience. Outlets included a heavy emphasis on online, transit, outdoor and event marketing. For the Boston market, for example, we focused efforts on key buys within the Seaport district, including a sponsorship of Boston Magazine’s high-profile Battle of the Burger event.

FTUB Banking

The Takeaway

The creative solution is built around the campaign themeline, “Banking built for now.” The line perfectly captures FTUB’s key point of difference: Their ongoing commitment to developing the best-of-breed virtual banking feature sets. This themeline is prominently woven into each creative unit and is further emphasized by crisp, hip headlines like, “No matter where you go, there we are.” The copy, tone and overall look of each creative unit emphasize FTUB’s pioneering and inventive brand personality.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600