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Trumpeting Satisfaction with Mortgage Lending

Watertown Savings Bank Integrated Campaign

Watertown Savings Bank is a community bank with nine branch offices and over one billion dollars in assets. Over their long history, they have enjoyed impressive growth. However, they remain committed to operating independently and to keeping close ties to the communities they serve.

Our role

While WSB has an excellent presence in their local communities, they needed to become more aggressive in mortgage lending. Current market perceptions were that WSB was not cost competitive so they were losing potential customers to other banks.

We conducted market research among customers and prospects to determine key selling points that would resonate with their prospect base. We also planned a media strategy that combined print, billboards and online ads to increase awareness of WSB’s mortgage services.

The Takeaway

Research revealed that every one of WSB’s customers interviewed were satisfied with the bank as a mortgage lender. This fact became a primary focal point of the creative – we highlighted some of the bank’s customers with their satisfied, smiling faces and anchored the visuals with the “We give our mortgage customers plenty to smile about” theme. We then backed each of these creative units with messages about the specific benefits of choosing WSB. This program exceeded the bank’s mortgage goals by the end of the year.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600