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The Search for the Bank That Meets Customer Needs Leads Them Home

Bridgewater Savings Bank TV Spots

BSB wanted to create a new 30-second television spot that touts the key benefits of banking with Bridgewater Savings in order to continue building brand preference in the market. The 15-second spots that were used prior to this were heavily product-focused, so we wanted to introduce a pure brand message again.

Our role

The challenge was to distinguish Bridgewater Savings from other banks and offer a value proposition distinctive from the “big” banks. Recent market research confirms that the current messaging is working and that the market showed an increased willingness to consider banking with BSB. New creative needed to build on this success.

The strategic plan was to focus messaging on the high level of convenience offered by the bank that is, “Right where you want to be.” Given the current state of the financial services industry, we wanted to make sure that customers felt that Bridgewater Savings is a bank you can rely on to be convenient, secure, community focused and practical.

The Takeaway

We created a spot that opens with a woman searching for something that shouldn’t be hard to find-the right bank. What she needs is a local, convenient and dependable bank, one that is the right fit for her. The voiceover helps lead her to the realization that she’s looking for Bridgewater Savings. To further extend the branding message, the creative has been adapted to a billboard and the bank’s website as well.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600