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Setting the Stage for Groundbreaking Bank Lending Technology

Vetter New Brand Launch

How does branding change the game for a game-changing lending platform?

Technology is rapidly changing the way people bank, and consumers have an increasing number of borrowing options and expert technology to make things easier. Consequently, the Fintech lending space has quickly become large, complex, evolving and competitive. The loan-origination-technology universe alone is huge, with more than 100 companies vying for advantage just in the loan-origination software category. These online lenders are stealing borrowers from banks, and bankers – typically known to be resistant to change – must adapt in order to compete.


It’s easy to see why the company behind this new product was optimistic, but they also realized something else: they needed help branding the new product and getting the word out to the banking community. Appreciating Stackpole’s history of success in the financial services marketing, Vetter asked us to help.

What’s in a name?

A lot, actually, and that’s where we began. This innovative technology needed a name, logo and brand identity that would convey its sense of efficiency and speed. Something distinct and memorable yet easy to pronounce, conveying that they are firmly rooted in the FinTech space while being practical and accessible. Something that hinted at the fact that this new product was the only one on the market that was truly loan agnostic and that collected all the necessary customer data upfront, beginning with the online loan application.

Brainstorm sessions at Stackpole helped establish and define the tone and manner of the new name and logo and evaluated the competition’s chosen monikers. Although several frontrunners were considered, “Vetter” was the clear winner with both the client and Stackpole teams.

The Brand Strategy

To effectively reach its defined audience of community bank lending officers and credit analysts, Vetter needed a solid brand that would strategically position both the product and the company behind it, clearly distinguishing its core competencies from those of the competition. Messaging would need to speak to end-user benefits and day-to-day problems and position Vetter as the solution, all while creating and maintaining a tone and manner reflecting Vetter’s core brand values across a range of marketing initiatives.

Centered around five points of distinction, dynamic messaging came to life highlighting Vetter’s defined strengths and serving as the platform for all Vetter marketing moving forward. It began with one simple yet bold statement welcoming visitors to the firm’s new website.

Vetter Website

The Takeaway

The New Website: “Every so often, new technology comes along that changes everything. Welcome to every so often.”


Stackpole designed, developed and launched a responsive, SEO-optimized, visually stunning website that boldly announced Vetter to the world as the “game-changing digital-lending platform” it is. Visitors can easily navigate the intuitive site, where they can quickly learn more about the product’s superior functionality and the resulting benefits to lenders (via content on the site and a readily accessible demo), download proprietary thought-leadership content on the digital lending space as well as broader Fintech-related materials, and much more.


If you’re a groundbreaking, innovative company delivering a revolutionary new technology to the marketplace, you need a website that shouts “innovation” to match. That’s exactly what Stackpole delivered for Vetter.


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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600