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Revitalizing a International Law Firm's Brand

Holland + Knight Branding & Website Redesign

Holland and Knight is an international law firm with 28 offices spanning the globe and meeting the legal needs of clients from a variety of sectors. The firm recognized that the time had come to revitalize their marketing and messaging to reflect scale, gravitas and cohesion. To achieve this goal, they turned to Stackpole, having been won over by our demonstrable success in helping other law firms meet similar objectives.

Specializing in Excellence

Soon into our engagement with Holland & Knight, Stackpole’s team of strategists and creative professionals realized that the firm’s extensive experience and comprehensive expertise, across various sectors and industries, could be among its most powerful differentiators. Armed with this insight, we set out to craft creative that would resonate strongly with a diversified and demanding audience.

While the campaign needed to be engaging—and perhaps even unconventional—is was paramount that we still bring forward the legacy and gravitas of the firm. With that consideration in mind, we decided to pursue a more metaphorical approach employing representative imagery to convey priorities and approaches: “Flexibilty,” “Connections,” “Relationships”.  The result was a print campaign that was bright, surprising and differentiating.

Standing Out Online

When it came time to invigorate their online presence, Holland & Knight sought out Stackpole’s data-driven and analytical expertise to develop a comprehensive strategy and unique design for its website. The result was a site that confidently asserted the power and reach of the firm’s global brand. By reorganizing and reprioritizing the informational and empowering content that the firm offered on its site to suit visitor search habits and needs, we improved the site’s functionality and paired it with a design that was simultaneously inviting and professional.

Along the way, a bold rethinking of the Holland & Knight brand standards and it’s color palette came to serve as the foundation of the site’s new design. The site’s palette, graphics, and typography were then enhanced by a custom photoshoot that provided the firm with an image library to populate the website and related marketing materials. In the end, Stackpole’s creative achieved exactly the right balance between easy and reliable access to important legal information and engaging firm-wide branding.

Making an Impact in the Sunshine State

As part of a marketing campaign focused on the Florida region, Holland & Knight turned to Stackpole to develop a series of magazine cover wraps that would enlighten and intrigue core prospects. Recognizing that the creative would need to resonate with audiences across a wide range of industries, we unveiled a strategy that highlighted the core competencies of each practice group. These themes were communicated through introductory letters from practice group heads, along with the presentation of more general, brochure style copy.

And since each cover wrap would adorn a specific issue of Florida Trend magazine, it was critical to create a design that was original and eye-catching, but that also worked within the boundaries of the magazine template. To achieve this result, we paired compelling copy with clean, engaging design to produce cover wraps to present Holland & Knight’s core competencies, key players and industry knowledge.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600