Branded Digital Experience

Tally By Taylor Bank

Taylor Bank, a local community bank in the Delmarva region, was developing a much-improved user experience for their digital banking platform and sought a means of communicating the improvements in a way that felt actionable and interesting, drawing attention for their digital-first approach to increase account openings and app downloads among younger customers and consumers, where their customer base has been relatively thin over the past few years.


Financial Services


  • Branding
  • Concept Development
  • Logo & Identity Development
  • Stategic Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Digital & Social Media Campaign
  • Integrated Marketing

Animated Video

We created a quick encouraging everyone to download the Tally app. The video was used on the Taylor Bank website and their social media platforms.

Because Taylor Bank has not traditionally been known as a technology-first bank…

Stackpole named and branded the entire new digital banking experience – Tally by Taylor Bank – utilizing existing recognizable Taylor brand components and a name that would visually and audibly tie back to the Taylor brand in a way that felt both familiar and new.

Ask us about Tally

The new Tally brand was promoted heavily in-branch using interior and exterior signage, “Ask Us About Tally” buttons for all in-branch staff, and lobby TV screens. Externally, Tally was included in all outbound marketing assets including TV, radio, and print, and Tally-specific video advertising was produced for social media to target in-market audience segments seeking a more convenient way to conduct their banking.

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