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Cape Ann
Savings Bank

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Cape Ann Savings Bank, a community bank headquartered in Gloucester, Massachusetts, with branches in Rockport and Manchester-by-the-Sea enjoys the geographical benefit of being surrounded by water on three sides, making it a very contained and close-knit community.

As such, Cape Ann Savings Bank has always been well-positioned to “own” the Cape Ann market in terms of awareness and mind share, which is how we’d come to define the overachieving objective of this television campaign.

This year, as Gloucester, Massachusetts, celebrates its 400th birthday and is heavily invested in promoting a celebratory event, our secondary objective is to build on the excitement and esprit de corps created by this community event.




  • Digital Video Production Editing
  • Television Concepts & Production
  • Video Production

Retail Banking, Business Banking, and Trusts and Financial Services.

This campaign consists of a rotation of three separate spots highlighting three distinct Lines-of-Business: Retail Banking, Business Banking, and Trusts and Financial Services. As such, our target audience groups are local consumers, business decision makers, and those looking to plan and invest for retirement. The demographics of Cape Ann are varied as the coastal community consists of highly affluent oceanside residences as well as a blue-collar working-class harbor community.

Retail Banking

30-second Video

The strategy behind this campaign is to build off the equity of a consistent in-market presence with high-production value television, and to cast the spots with local residents to increase the attention getting, engagement, and word of mouth generated when a local resident sees a friend or family member being featured or somewhere in the background of these spots.


While too soon to tell in terms of awareness KPIs for this particular campaign, it is a new creative articulation of an ongoing branding effort that has successfully created brand lift and recognition of Cape Ann Savings as the go-to-bank for Cape Ann residents and businesses.

30-second Video

Business Banking

30-second Video


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