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Credit Union Customer Insights Inspire Fresh Brand Position

Vermont Federal Credit Union Brand Positioning Campaign

How to stand out in a crowded market

Vermont Federal is one of many community financial institutions competing for market share. A respected cooperative for over 65 years, they engaged Stackpole to build on their strong local reputation and help them establish a unique brand voice and identity in the Vermont banking market.

Extensive grass-roots research

We began by conducting in-depth research with current members, prospects and employees – including “banking over beers” sessions at a local brewery. In all, we ran sessions with seven different groups from Vermont Federal, including the Board of Directors. We also conducted focus groups, dozens of “man on the street” interviews, and online research that yielded hundreds of responses.

“Everything you love about living here. Now available in a credit union.”

Based on the research, the campaign is rooted in a strong sense of neighbors helping neighbors. The new brand voice and personality are designed to connect emotionally, and humanize and differentiate the brand. As one piece of ad copy puts it: “You’re more than just a checking account or loan to us – you are one of us.”

A distinctive new look

With its bold color palette and edgy design, the campaign’s graphic look is a departure from the typical earthy Vermont iconography. This unique visual identity system helps to brand Vermont Federal as a forward-thinking, progressive financial institution – and stand apart in a crowded marketing landscape.

We know you because we are you

By truly understanding its members, Vermont Federal can provide them with the products, services and guidance to make the best financial decisions. The members own the credit union, and every decision is made with members’ best interests at heart. As the campaign says, “We’re not just another place to keep your money … Our members are our neighbors. Our employees are your neighbors.”

VF New Campaign Assets Vermont Federal Bus Wraps

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600