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Community Bank TV Spots that Hit the Bullseye

Watertown Savings Bank Broadcast Campaign

Watertown Savings Bank has been a television advertiser for years, often running high-end testimonial campaigns to support their branding efforts. In order to attract a new, younger audience, we created an unusual 30-second television spot.

Our role

We were challenged to communicate the brand’s appeal to the bank’s core audience, while also engaging the younger demographic. In addition, we needed to develop a spot that would be versatile and have a long shelf life.

Our strategy was to demonstrate why WSB is the smart alternative to big banks. We wanted to present WSB as the progressive bank that it is, and encourage viewers to think again about the bank and the services it provides.

The Takeaway

We began with the idea of the Bull’s Eye, implying that WSB is right on target, and wrapped around it a series of everyday sports vignettes — golf ball goes into the hole, getting a strike while bowling, making a basket, and so on. The quirky music and voice overdrive home the concept that your bank, too, should make you feel that everything is going your way. The spot was edited into multiple 15-second ads to highlight specific services and a new branch opening, as well as adapted to billboard creative.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600