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Business Banking Broadcast Campaign Built on Retail Reputation

Georgetown Bank Broadcast Campaign

Georgetown Bank is a local community bank that serves Georgetown, Rowley and North Andover, as well as surrounding towns. The bank is a longstanding Stackpole client, and over the years we have worked with their marketing team to develop integrated communications programs designed to increase awareness and tighten the association between the bank and their sincere commitment to customer service.

Our role

Georgetown Bank has solid awareness levels, but they are predominately known as having a retail banking focus. In reality, the bank has a full range of business banking services and their customer-service intensive style is ideal for business customers who require strong, active relationships with their bankers.

We developed a television campaign that included both retail and business messages, but designated business services as the priority. We mixed the format of the spots, creating a 30-second spot for business banking and a 15-second spot for retail. The media buy was shared across the two product lines, but the frequency was weighted in favor of business banking.

There is an authenticity to Georgetown Bank’s customer service that is unique in banking. With the themeline, “Respectfully Yours,” anchoring each spot, the standard promise of customer service is questioned and a superior alternative is offered. At Georgetown Bank, customers get the respect that should be inherent in any partnership. The television campaign seamlessly incorporates business and retail messages, with a voice and look that is consistent across both, thereby accomplishing the further goal of contributing to the bank’s overall awareness level.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600