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Branding Campaign Empowers Bank Customers

Webster Five Integrated Brand Advertising Campaign

Webster Five Promise: “If It’s Important to You, It’s Important to Us”

Seeking to launch a creative campaign that resonates effectively with three core audience groups (business, consumer, retail), Webster Five turned to Stackpole to develop an integrated campaign that will increase brand awareness, attract a diverse and talented employee applicant pool and underscore the bank’s enduring commitment to community growth and vitality.

Taking to the Airwaves

Stackpole scripted and cast talent for a series of radio spots—in both English and Spanish—that employed a tone that was relatable, whimsical, clever and fun, while at the same time ensuring that the diverse target audience would come away thinking of the bank as also being innovative, modern and forward-thinking.

Connecting Positioning to Particular Emotional Responses and Impressions

In devising a messaging strategy for print, digital and radio advertisements, Stackpole explored a series of positioning statements that would yield the desired emotional response from the intended audience. For instance, positioning Webster Five as being “right there with you,” offering services and solutions to make possible undertakings as varied as buying a first home or financing a dream vacation, taps into the emotional impression that the bank with be there for its customers at every stage of life.

Addressing Underserved Markets

Webster Five’s target demographic is increasingly diverse, and Stackpole saw an opportunity for the bank to effectively communicate its values and promise—banking that fits customers’ lifestyles, commitment to the local community, offering personalized, tailored solutions—to often underserved Asian and Hispanic populations. These populations figured prominently when proposing the rollout and placement of engaging print advertisements.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600