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Branded Contact-Free Banking Videos

Motion Graphics for Taylor Bank

Banking Outside the Branch

Today, more retail and commercial bank customers are looking to interact with the brand around the clock, using whatever method they prefer, without the need to visit a branch. Taylor Bank, always known for thinking outside the box, meets this need by offering a full menu of contact-free banking options. We organized all these services under the banner of “Banking Outside the Branch,” and created two animated videos for the bank’s website and social media platforms.

“Always here” and always available branding

The bank’s tagline – “Always Here. For Good.” – reflects its longtime status as a key community resource for the people and businesses of the Delmarva area.  By showcasing the bank’s 24/7 capabilities, this campaign gives “Always Here” a different type of spin. It says, in effect, that we’re here anytime you need us, and ready to provide banking services on your terms. By combining the very latest banking technologies with its reputation for superior service, Taylor Bank offers customers everything they need in a modern financial partner.

A friendly, welcoming brand look and feel

We created the videos in a hand-drawn style designed to look friendly and casual, not slick. And we complemented the look with a warm and personable voiceover that covers the range of digital banking options. As the narrator states, “We know you’ve got a lot on your plate these days. And we want you to know you that can always count on Taylor Bank to deliver the most convenient and reliable banking experience around.”

Superior service – in the branch or in your slippers

In customer surveys, Taylor Bank always scores very highly for its personal service. This program is, in many ways, an extension of that service emphasis. After all, what’s more personal than the ability to conduct your important banking tasks any way you want?  From mobile and online banking, to banking by phone and ATM, to a variety of digital business banking offerings, Taylor Bank empowers customers to choose how they wish to interact with their bank, at any time, wherever they happen to be.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600