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Bank Brands Mobile Solution Called Greenway

Georgetown Bank Product Launch

Mobile banking is more than just another bank product or feature set. To Georgetown Bank, the rise of smartphones and tablets presented an unprecedented opportunity to give customers a fresh experience and the freedom to bank on their own terms—not those of their bank.

Enter GreenWay, Georgetown’s new seamless mobile banking experience that lets customers check balances, transfer money, make deposits, and pay bills from wherever and whenever they want without stepping foot in a branch. Unlike competitors promoting mobile offerings as standalone apps or feature extensions to existing products, we advised Georgetown Bank to brand a best-in-class mobile user experience that would help it stand out in what was fast becoming a crowded field.

Our first step was to create a sub-brand to represent Georgetown Bank’s mobile banking experience. We developed the name and designed a new logo for GreenWay that builds on the bank’s existing color palette and corporate standards, yet still retains its own fresh look and innovative appeal. The new identity supports both GreenWay Checking, the primary offering, and GreenWay Connect, a superset of mobile functionality designed for families to transfer funds between connected accounts.

We designed the centerpiece of the integrated campaign to be a separate product landing page that promotes the new GreenWay mobile experience while allowing customers to directly open accounts where it is most convenient—on their smartphone or tablet, not in a branch office. In addition to optimizing the experience for mobile users, the responsive design Web site also lets Georgetown Bank readily track user behavior and analyze on-going account conversions.

We recommended traditional broad-reach radio to accelerate awareness and brand lift for GreenWay, but we also aspired to reach digital natives who have a higher propensity for mobile usage and thus place a priority on a seamless banking experience. For that reason, we supplemented the traditional local radio buy with streaming radio such as Pandora to support a series of four spots—two promoting the core GreenWay product and two for GreenWay Connect. We tapped into Pandora’s demo/geo-targeting capabilities to deliver ads to specific customers based on a range of criteria, ensuring we reached the optimal potential customer base.

The Takeaway

To complete the picture and drive the GreenWay messaging to existing customers, we promoted the new mobile brand in all of Georgetown Banks’ branch locations through digital signage and a series of complimentary print collateral materials.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600