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Bank Delivers an Ironic Appeal to Millennials

East Cambridge Savings Bank Print & Digital Ad Campaign

Making a Pitch to Millennials, with Tongue Firmly in Cheek

Seeking to grab the attention of media-inundated millennials, East Cambridge Savings Bank turned to Stackpole to develop a creative campaign and integrated media strategy that will highlight the most popular features of its checking and money market accounts. Such ads need to be short on words and long on impact. Sly, ironic humor is often just what is needed in such cases.

Our role

Creative Development. Media Strategy. Digital. Print.

A campaign consisting of three ads was created, each carrying a one-word definer: Beware, Caution and Warning. Each of those three words would then serve as the headline for the respective print/digital ads. With such unambiguous headlines, Stackpole felt confident that attention would be sufficiently grabbed!

Following Up in a Humorous Vein

The ad copy crafted by Stackpole followed up on the attention-grabbing headlines with humorous inversions of expectations. Each ad, featuring one-word headlines, highlighted a key benefit (“big bank technology,” “community-bank empowerment” and “community reach”) of banking with East Cambridge Savings by juxtaposing, with a reassuring wink, the pleasant byproducts of banking with East Cambridge Savings. Sudden euphoria, unleashed “feels” and the inspiration to dance in the streets were all predicted “side-effects” that East Cambridge customers could expect to experience. Dry, stogy “bankspeak” was replaced with ironic humor to entice and entertain.

Bullets Hit the Bull’s-eye

Each ad featured succinct bullet points declaring East Cambridge Savings Bank’s offerings regarding ATM fee rebates, interest, no-minimum balance and fee-free monthly accounts! An uncluttered design and layout ensured that the bullet points were easily captured by those viewing the ads.

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112 Parker Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
Tel: 978.463.6600