A bank that puts the customer at the center of everything they do—that’s been the mantra of First Trade Union Bank, which called on Stackpole to spearhead a rebranding campaign that would help the bank better reflect its greater mission.

The bank’s decades-old name was fast becoming a hindrance to its digital-era positioning: A growth strategy predicated on innovative digital banking services optimized to deliver the best customer experience. The First Trade Union Bank name, born of its heritage as a bank started by the local carpenter’s union, was too traditional and out of alignment with the strategy for becoming the bank-of-choice for digital-savvy millennials.

Stackpole-led the rebranding effort that resulted in the selection of Radius Bank, a name that aptly reflects the bank’s commitment to offering services that are within reach of customers however or wherever they want to do their banking.  Radius Bank, for example, has invested in technologies that allow them to develop and deliver digital banking functionalities well before the competition. And they commissioned Stackpole to revamp a new responsive-design website that delivers the optimal digital banking user experience; one which is identical whether banking from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

In addition to the responsive website, Stackpole developed the Radius Bank brand positioning along with a new logo and supporting tagline, “Built Around You.”  With an eye towards tying back up to its First Trade brand heritage, the Radius Bank logo borrows on a similar and distinctive green color palette to make that connection with the past. The logo mark plays off the idea of radii, suggesting a 360-degree banking experience, with the customer at the center of everything.

Stackpole recently launched the new Radius Bank brand through an integrated campaign that includes print and digital ads, outdoor, transit and a targeted public relations campaign.