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An innovative local bank makes a big a leap in a boundless banking direction

Norwood bank has been innovating the idea of cooperative banking since its beginning in 1889. Dedicated to helping local people and businesses with their financial goals, Norwood wanted the service of a big bank with the feeling of a small community. With their strong ability to innovate and desire to provide personal service, Norwood teamed up with Stackpole to introduce the concept of Boundless Banking. This new idea would allow patrons to bank when and where they wanted without having to worry about fees.

A website re-design includes the boundless product

The new design would replace the ‘Free-for-All’ checking with the newly branded ‘Boundless’ checking name. The message that this new checking embodied was the idea that today’s banker is busy and wants to bank on their time. It offered a mobile and an online banking option in addition to free ATMs.

Creating responsive design

A responsive website design was added to the new Norwood Bank website. This would help to continue Norwood’s reputation for innovating and providing exceptional service for their customers. Stackpole added this new feature to make online and mobile banking even simpler for Norwood customers. This provided a greater user experience for those trying to access the site from different platforms such as a laptop or mobile device. 

Launching the New Website

In order to introduce the new concept of Boundless Banking as well as the new website design, Stackpole suggested having a website launch. The new product would be associated with a fresh new website that would allow for all the functions and ease Boundless Banking offers. With some simple cosmetic updates and the new functionality, Norwood Bank was ready to debut their new product.