For Fiduciary Trust, a wealth management firm supervising over $11 billion in assets, our strategy was twofold: Research indicated a need to build awareness and differentiate the company from its big box competitors while providing prospects with better visibility into its full portfolio of investment management services.

Unlike the large investment firms that treat customers and prospects as a number or a high-risk asset, our strategy hinged on communicating Fiduciary Trust’s high-touch personal service and commitment to matching an individual’s needs to a customized set of financial products and investment services that facilitate intergenerational wealth transfer.

To reach the target customer of high net worth individuals, we recommended a print and online branding campaign to run in the traditional media outlets popular with this particular audience. We created a series of three ads to represent the different demographic slices, which included retirees, veteran professionals, and families. Each ad used a bold and striking visual of someone in active pursuit of a real-life passion—from a vigorous ocean sail to a casual day spent with loved ones—to position Fiduciary Trust as the company that cares about the individual, not just their finances.