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Harness the power of marketing automation to drive your digital content strategies forward with measurable results.

How Can Marketing Automation Make a Difference?

Marketing automation will empower you to attract and nurture qualified leads by targeting prospects with highly customized content, optimize digital campaigns based on visible results, and automate your sales cycle process.

At Stackpole, we’re always looking to bolster our smart marketing strategies with innovative technology to get the best results for our clients. That’s why we’ve partnered with SharpSpring to offer an industry-leading Marketing Automation Platform.

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How Do I Get Started?

Every successful marketing automation program is built on a strong digital strategy— whether it includes content, PPC, and/or paid media. So that’s the first step in getting started.

At Stackpole, we have many years of experience developing and executing digital marketing strategies for our clients. From laser-sharp messaging and creative campaigns to the development of engaging content, we help our clients attract prospects through integrated, multi-channel campaigns.

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How will Marketing Automation Enhance My Content Strategy?


Even with sound content marketing and lead-generation strategies in place, you may not be converting as many site visitors or prospects as you need to deliver on your goals. Marketing Automation will help you better understand and act on your end-of-funnel marketing activities, so you can leverage the full value of your marketing efforts.

Some of the most common challenges marketers face:

Generating too few leads to feed the sales funnel.

Having no easy way to qualify or prioritize leads.

Lacking the time to effectively nurture incoming leads.

Realizing big gaps in follow-up
from the sales force.

Limited visibility into which tactics
are driving revenue.

By partnering with SharpSpring, we’re able to offer a robust set of Marketing Automation capabilities that address these challenges and are easily accessible via an easy-to-use, low-priced platform. Even better, we can provide analytics and actionable insight every step of the way.


Exponentially grow the number of leads to your website

Convert more leads to sales

Provide, easy, provable ROI

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One simple and easy-to-use dashboard gives you access to everything you need to know.

Dynamic Forms

Customizable call to actions and more

Visitor ID

Identify anonymous web traffic

Lead Tracking

Track the life of your leads

Lead Scoring

Know your best leads and follow up faster

Email Automation

Streamline your workflow

CRM Integration

Easily integrate with your existing CRM

Campaign Optimization

Get the most out of your campaigns

Sales Analytics

Monitor your sales with our extensive reports

Site Analytics

Track site use to optimize user experience


Multiple clients from a single dashboard

Get Automated!

Ready to get started? Just fill out the form below and we will be in touch to see how the power of marketing automation can best be put to use for you.

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